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Man in Golf Kart Cartoon Drawing Going Away Present

One of the top reasons my customers order custom cartoon drawings from me is to give as a going away present to a co-worker. That’s the reason Nicole C. with GE Appliances had when she asked me to draw the following for her:

I am looking for a custom drawing that would feature the following: a drawing of a guy in a golf cart, holding a bourbon and then in the background there would be two-three other images that don’t belong – for example 2-3 refrigerators, a Keurig brewer and perhaps a sign of some sort. This is a going away / joke gift for a team member.

I was happy to do this drawing for Nicole and GE Appliances, and it would be great if I could see the reaction on the employee’s face when they are given the drawing.

Check out some of these other drawings I have done as going-away gifts for co-workers:

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