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A Couple Drawn as Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear Cartoons

I previously did a drawing for Nikole D. from Quaker Hill, CT before (golfing dinosaurs!). This time she contacted me to draw something a bit more personal for her and her boyfriend. Here is what she asked for:

“I’ve seen you do drawings of couples as super heroes but I was wondering if you could somehow draw me as Pooh Bear, my boyfriend as Christopher Robin, and my dog as piglet. I’m not sure how this would look best, the only idea I have is if it looks like Halloween costumes. But I’m sure you can think of someway to make it work!”

For this piece, I tried to color it in the style of the well-known Winnie-the-Pooh drawings (sort of a muted watercolor type look). I also included their anniversary date on a tree in the background too.

“Thank you so much for the drawing. I love it! I’m so happy with how it came out and how you incorporated fall and our anniversary date on the tree! Thanks again!” – Nikole D.

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